Listen and save a live stream

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I have tried to save some music from the local radio stations Ö3 and Kronehit.

After some try and errors I came to this both lines


gst-launch-0.10 -tv uridecodebin subtitle-encoding=UTF-8 \
uri=mms:// \
! tee name=myT myT. ! queue2 \
! alsasink myT. ! queue2 ! audioconvert! lamemp3enc \
! multifilesink location=oe3_%05d


gst-launch-0.10 -tv uridecodebin subtitle-encoding=UTF-8 \
uri= \
! tee name=myT myT. ! queue \
! alsasink myT. ! queue ! audioconvert! lamemp3enc \
! multifilesink location=kronehit_%05d

The next step would be to save the stream automatical with the right name => Interpreter_Song.

If you have some ideas how I can do this please drop me a message, thanks 😉

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