certutil commands

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How to remove all entries in nss-db

rm <DIR_OF_NSS_DB>/*.db

How to see CAs in nss-db

certutil -L -d <DIR_OF_NSS_DB>

How to see KEYs in nss-db

certutil -K -d <DIR_OF_NSS_DB>

How to add CAs in nss-db

certutil -A -d  <DIR_OF_NSS_DB> -n <NIC-NAME> -t C,C,P -i <CERTIFIKATE-FILE>

How to create Key and CSR

cat /dev/urandom > noise_file

certutil -R -s “CN=<HOST_COMMON_NAME,OU=<OU>,O=<O>,L=<LOCATION>,C=<COUNTY>,ST=<STATE>” -g 2048 -o mycert.req  -d <DIR_OF_NSS_DB> -a -n  <NIC-NAME> -z noise_file


Doc of cert util


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