HTTP to HTTPS with Openshift V3

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Due to the fact that the current OpenShift V3 (3.1) only offer with Edge Termination a redirect  from HTTP to HTTPS you will need a similar concept as described below.

In a non OpenShift V3 you normaly handle the HTTP to HTTPS as following.


The application server or reverse proxy handle the HTTP request and sends a redirect to HTTPS. It’s a easy setup for the most servers out there.

Due to the fact that OpenShift V3 is not able to handle one hostname in two backends the flow above will not work in the current ( 3.1 ) version.

To be able to handle the redirect you will need something like this.


This means you need to setup a dedicated Service with a haproxy < 1.6.

Please take a look into the description of Server IP address resolution using DNS for full details.

The server line in haproxy must follow this pattern


as described in OpenShift DNS .

There is a RH Buzilla enty for this and also a github issue.

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