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I have searched for a ping for the ajp protocol ( ) and found some

From my point of view they have some weakness.

  • not accurate enough for the current it environments
  • don’t measure the operations
  • don’t write a graph-able line out

Due to these facts I have used jffry’s ( ) script as base for my extended version.

With the output line

%Y-%m-%d %T host %s ip %s port %s connect %f syswrite %f sysread %f timeouted %d timeout %d good_answer %d

you can easily create a picture with your preferred tool ( gnuplot, splunk, excel, R, …)

Which language for Webdevelopment php python perl ruby or java

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I have searching for a long time for the right webframewor to develop a rather small Webapplication.
The requirement was:

  1. Usermanagmemtn, ACL
  2. Manage Files to download by Userpermission
  3. run behind nginx

I have developed in all of this languages in the past, some of them in mor deep then in the other.

I have take a look about different frameworks in this languages

  1. Perl
  2. Python
  3. PHP
  4. Ruby
  5. Java

The main decision to go to the php based symfony framework was:

  1. It is easy to learn and relativly good documented
  2. php-fm
  3. I know php more or less good, not better then perl but the setup was easier to create.
  4. There are more php known persons in the current company.

My reasons why I have not choose one of the differnt languages to work:

  1. Java: due the fact that you need to compile it, so you need a IDE (ala. Eclipse). It takes more time to see if you change works.
  2. ruby & python: I haven’t not enough experience with it. This language looks very nice and easy to learn but it wasn’t necessary that I learn it, yet 😉
  3. perl: I have develop a lot of perl modules and code in the past but for now I like php more.

So as you can see it is not very academic more pragamtic ;-).